Your sparring partners at the Sporthotel Zoll

Different skills, a common passion: sport! We are not only a family-run sport hotel: sport is also a family tradition. Here passion, sporting spirit and the irrepressible will to make you experience an unforgettable holiday in South Tyrol all come together. Would you like to get to know us before you book your holiday? Then scroll down the page.

reVIVE: Michael

Michael is the one who really loves sport and will accompany you with his enthusiasm to get you into action and experience moments of adventure.

With a background as a competitive ice hockey player, he loves to push himself to the limit and go further. Because that is when real growth begins. In this way he will help you push your limits and rediscover your body.

He is also responsible for the reception and marketing activities of the Sporthotel Zoll.

reANALYZE: Kathrin

Kathrin is our analysis expert and will help you get to know and understand your body better.

She played football for many years in FC Südtirol, making it all the way to the Italian Serie A league. Her passion for sport led her to graduate in sports management and to train as a personal trainer specialising in sports diagnostics and nutrition.

When Kathrin is not working alongside you in training, you will find her in our Bowls & Burger restaurant as maître d’hotel and sommelier.

reFUEL: Philipp

With his passion for cooking, Philipp is committed to ensuring you healthy nutrition according to our Rest.Revive.Refuel© philosophy.

You will see him at work both in our restaurant and in his kitchen workshop where he teaches how to prepare healthy dishes. And because cooking is also conviviality, Philipp is always happy to chat with our guests, perhaps over a glass of wine or a refreshing drink at the bar.

A a hunter and nature lover, Philipp relaxes by exploring the mountains of South Tyrol, and in winter also on the ski slopes.

reBALANCE: Helmut

Helmut is our nature and hiking expert and will be ready to show you the most beautiful places around our hotel near Sterzing Vipiteno.

He is the 'runner' in our family and has proven his fitness by participating in 5 marathons and a half marathon! Need advice?

In addition, he is the numbers guru of our Sporthotel.

reALIGN: Margit

Margit is our good soul of the house, always there when you need her!

She is practically the element that completes your unforgettable active holiday here in South Tyrol and one of the reasons why there is a family atmosphere in our Sporthotel.

Of course, she too loves physical activity! Margit's favourite way to burn off energy is swimming.

Who are we? An authentic, sports-loving team.

We are a family business that respects tradition and keeps its word. Our concept is based on extensive experience and we aim to see you grow. It is important to us that you enjoy improving your lifestyle through sports activity and engage in sports with our full support.

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