Stress level measurement at the Sporthotel Zoll

Stress has a huge impact on performance. The greater your ability to resist stress, the more energy and zest for life you will have. In addition, the ability to resist stress helps prevent diseases such as heart attack or burnout. The measurement of heart rate variability (HRV) provides information about your current stress level and where we can intervene to improve your quality of life.

Increased performance and well-being through stress resistance

Using a small sensor, we perform a 24-hour ECG, whose data will then be discussed with you. Based on the results, we will provide you with customised recommendations to improve your recovery and your ability to withstand physical and psychological stress, which in turn will reflect positively on your athletic performance.

Retreat and relaxation at the Sporthotel

Despite having a team sports spirit, there are times when you need to stay alone to recharge your batteries. After an intense training session or a hike in the natural landscapes of South Tyrol, modern rooms, suites and apartments await you in our hotel, where we have the right accommodation for every athlete.

reBALANCE double room

For 2-4 persons 35-40 m² from 126,00 € per person

Relax on your balcony swing.

reFOCUS double room

For 2-4 persons 35-40 m² from 122,00 € per person

Live in a modern ambience in the historic Zollhaus (ancient customs house).

Active Comfort double room

For 1-3 persons 20-25 m² from 105,00 € per person

A room that meets all the needs of those tired muscles.

reALIGN double room

For 1-3 persons 18-20 m² from 90,00 € per person

Minimalism to help focus on the essential.

reENERGIZE quadruple room

For 2-6 persons 45 m² from 126,00 € per person

For an active holiday with friends or family.


For 2-3 persons 40 m² from 135,00 € per person

Sports enthusiasts will find all the equipment they need to regenerate here.

Discover our analyses for precise training

Your Rest.Revive.Refuel© sports holiday starts with a comprehensive check-up. We rely on…

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