Our hotel's holistic philosophy for active holidays

For us, sport is not just a necessity but a true passion. Once you have found the discipline that suits you best, sport becomes a way of life. A lifestyle that keeps you fit to face the day and to fully experience the beauty of unique places like the nature of South Tyrol. A lifestyle that brings you together with like-minded people and that together we can take to the next level!

More performance, more lightness, more joy of life

Thanks to our hotel's top-class facilities, you will have every opportunity to improve your performance and quality of life. Professional trainers and diagnostic performance measurement tools will show you what steps to take to improve your physical and mental energy levels, taking into account all aspects of life: regeneration, exercise, nutrition.

The effects of the Rest.Revive.Refuel© philosophy on your daily life


If you give your body time to regenerate, you will not only feel more rested, you will also be more focused and perform better. During rest, the body processes accumulated fatigue while the mind processes experiences. That is why rest should become an integral part of your routine.


With regular exercise, you will avoid physical problems such as back pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Your stamina and strength will increase and your overall fitness will improve. You will also experience a feeling of greater lightness due to the release of happiness hormones such as serotonin and dopamine and the reduction of stress hormones.


A healthy diet helps the body regenerate faster, improves digestion and prevents illness. It can also help you lose weight and have brighter skin. By following a proper diet, you will also feel fitter and healthier.

Our mission: your success!
From finetuning to change

The three pillars Rest.Revive.Refuel©, combined in perfect harmony, enable you to achieve complete well-being and optimal performance while reducing the risk of injury. Thanks to the holistic approach of our analyses, we will provide you with personalised recommendations that meet your body's needs. And because our priority is your success, if you wish, we will also follow you after the holidays via our dedicated training app!


In our check-up, which we carry out at the beginning of your holiday, we assess through the phase angle whether you are getting enough rest. In the subsequent consultation you will then find out how you can better support your body in the future.

Since regeneration means more than just 'sleeping well', here you will find not only a wide range of pillows, including the ergonomic TMX pillows, but also a fantastic wellness area, massages, cryotherapy, stress measurement and a series of videos by regeneration expert Katharina Herdener that focus on breathing, mobility and yoga to optimise performance in competitive sport and much more.


The correct execution of movements is crucial in every sport. That is why the FMS analysis of movements and posture is part of our check-up and allows our experts to advise you on appropriate and, if necessary, corrective exercises.

In addition, through diagnostic examinations such as spiroergometry and metabolism analyses, you will gain an in-depth insight into your physical performance so that you can adapt your training and nutrition plans even more precisely. Various challenges also await you in your personal training in the gym, on the climbing wall or during exciting tennis and padel matches!


With the help of the BIA body composition analysis included in our check-up, our nutritionists can provide you with valuable personalised advice to make your nutrition a key factor in your success.

In our hotel, you can enjoy our vital reFUEL board plan with a rich breakfast buffet, including an energising TCM, in the morning, an excellent reVITALIZEr in the afternoon and delicious menus in the evening. The hotel restaurant serves burgers made with top-quality organic beef and fresh bowls. We always use regional and seasonal products, preferably directly from our own garden!

Join us to take the next step

At the Sporthotel Zoll we believe in sport and know from personal experience the benefits of an active, vital and balanced life. That is why we offer you in our hotel in South Tyrol a holiday that combines physical activity and relaxation to perfection. We share with you the most up-to-date knowledge of our family and experts in the fields of regeneration, exercise and nutrition.

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