Recovery Lab
An oasis to regenerate your body

Equipped with Starpool's innovative technologies and applications, our Recovery Lab is entirely dedicated to the physical recovery of sports enthusiasts. Based on the age-old tradition of thermal baths and the fundamental elements of heat, water and relaxation, this method is the ideal complement to the services offered by our hotel.

reVITALIZE: deep regeneration holidays

Sports sauna

The dry, intense heat of the Finnish sauna promotes muscle regeneration, has a positive impact on the cardiovascular system and can improve sleep quality.

Zerobody Dry Floating Therapy

This therapy regenerates body and mind in a warm, weightless environment. Combined with proper training, the Dry Float technique induces deep muscle relaxation, improves sleep quality and stimulates blood circulation and the cardiovascular system.

30 min. 35,00 €

Zerobody Cryo

The revolution in the world of cryotherapy! Wrapped in a patented membrane, you will not get wet, but you will still benefit from the benefits of a cold bath or classic cryotherapy. At the same time, you will enjoy the comfort of the Dry Float.

20 min. 35,00 €

Cold bath

Simple but powerfully beneficial. In addition to stimulating the immune system and metabolism, this bath accelerates recovery after training and can even have a positive effect in healing semi-acute injuries, inflammation or contractures. Are you up to trying it?

15-20 min. 15,00 €

Mental training

In combination with the Zerobody Dry Float technique, we also offer special brain training programmes for mindfulness and breathing techniques to enhance your mental concentration and provide you with greater well-being.

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