A personal trainer directly at the hotel

Correct technique is essential for effective training. To learn the exercises correctly, improve their execution or adjust any imbalances, professional trainers are available to you at the Sporthotel Zoll. Ready to take it to the next level?

reSTRENGTH: targeted training thanks to the initial check-up

If movements are not performed correctly, the body compensates for the imbalance by performing ineffective movements. This results in reduced performance or even in an increased risk of injury, for beginners and professionals alike. However, thanks to our initial check-up, we can customise your training during your holiday and, if necessary, rectify any incorrect movement patterns.

Get started with our fantastic offers

For ski run lovers, climbing enthusiasts, regulars and many other guests, we have put together unmissable offers giving free rein to our creativity. Which team do you belong to?

Discover our nutrition concept

To ensure a healthy diet for our athletes, at the Sporthotel Zoll we pay attention to…

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