A Sporthotel with sports massage? Absolutely!

Relax your muscles after an intense training session by booking one of our regenerating massages. This will immediately release muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

Choose the perfect massage for you

Sports massage

Your ally before, during and after training! Our sports massage can help you increase flexibility, prevent injuries and improve your performance.

30 min. 55.00 €
50 min. 75.00 €

Relaxing massage

Time to relax. Our relaxing massage is gentle and relaxes the entire body, promoting regeneration and stress reduction.

30 min. 55.00 €
50 min. 75.00 €


Zerobody Dry Floating Therapy

30 min. 35,00 €

Zerobody Cryo

20 min. 35,00 €

Cold bath

15-20 min. 15,00 €

Entire Recovery Lab

1,5 h 90,00 €

Compression pants by Reboots®

30 min. 25,00 €

Massage gun by BlackRoll

Per day 10,00 €

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The next level for your regeneration

Equipped with Starpool's innovative technologies and applications, our Recovery Lab is entirely dedicated to…

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