reFUEL: sporting success through healthy, balanced nutrition

Athletes know that nutrition is a key factor in training. The BIA analysis included in our check-up provides us with information on your current condition so we can give you some general advice and information on the 'plate method' free of charge. Want to learn more? Of course our support doesn't stop there: let's reFUEL!

A food plan customised to your goals

As always, we consider the big picture including regeneration, exercise and nutrition. On this basis, our expert Kathrin draws up a customised diet plan for you, taking into account, in the case of professional athletes, the season's progression and thus also allowing you to optimise your preparation for a competition. If, in addition, aspects related to a specific disease need to be considered in your plan, we call in the expertise of our dietician Lisa Tratter.

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For us, sport is not just a necessity but a true passion. Once you have found…

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