Active holidays in South Tyrol for sports enthusiasts

The combination of breathtaking mountain scenery, numerous indoor and outdoor sports opportunities, AND the unbeatable services of our Sporthotel make an active holiday in South Tyrol a true lifestyle-enhancing experience. Shall we begin?

The ideal hotel for your active holiday

In addition to our sports facilities, the REVIVE programme offers you a wide range of activities to enjoy during your stay in South Tyrol, including specific Functional Training for hypertrophy, endurance, movement and mobility. But also the possibilities offered around the hotel will make you fall in love with a holiday dedicated to sports. Cycling, hiking, skiing, climbing... What will you do first?

What awaits you in our Active Hotel in South Tyrol

Want to improve your lifestyle as promised? Said and done!

Performance analysis and evaluation

Get to know yourself better with BIA analysis, spiroergometry, stress level measurement and other opportunities.


Take advantage of personal training sessions, meetings to learn the running technique, Functional Training and much more.


Relax in our wellness area and Recovery Lab.

Get started with our fantastic offers

For ski run lovers, climbing enthusiasts, regulars and many other guests, we have put together unmissable offers giving free rein to our creativity. Which team do you belong to?

The next level for your regeneration

Equipped with Starpool's innovative technologies and applications, our Recovery Lab is entirely dedicated to…

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