Healthy food for athletes: your source of energy

To ensure a healthy diet for our athletes, at the Sporthotel Zoll we pay attention to a balanced distribution of nutrients according to the plate method. This means that 50% of your plate will consist of vegetables and/or fruit, 30% of protein-rich foods and 20% of products containing carbohydrates with a low glycaemic index. In addition, preparations will be as low in fat as possible. 

Our reFUEL vital board treatment

Based on the principles of sports nutrition and in cooperation with our experts Lisa and Kathrin, our reFUEL vital board offers you three meals a day tailored to your active lifestyle.

Breakfast buffet & TCM energizer

The term 'buffet' is clear, but what is a TCM energizer? Every day we serve a hot breakfast dish based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that provides the body with valuable energy and strengthens the immune system and digestive system. So you can start your active day fit and light!

reVITALIZEr in the afternoon

Afternoon slump? Recharge your batteries with natural protein in our open-plan kitchen! You can choose between a nutritious soup and a healthy and tasty Clean Eating Bowl.

Choice of menu at dinner

After a day spent practising sport, you can round off the evening with our Rest.Revive.Refuel© menu (5 courses), the gourmet menu (6 courses) or the Zoll à la carte classics. Want to try something special? Then book our exclusive Foodlounge Experience and enjoy a classy evening (please book at least 2 days in advance).

Cooking workshop and lessons on nutrition for athletes

All the essential nutrients on one plate? Yes! A healthy diet for sportspeople is really easy to prepare and during your stay our kitchen will show you how to do it, while in the workshop with Chef Philipp you will learn how to prepare traditional South Tyrolean specialities yourself using the plate method. In addition, interesting lectures on nutrition will give you plenty of food for thought.

Unmissable holiday packages for your sports holiday

Supporting you is our priority, but since true sportsmanship goes far beyond…

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