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Welcome to the Alps - Sporthotel Zoll

Welcome to the Hotel in the Alps – Sporthotel Zoll, where every vacation becomes an unforgettable experience! Here, you will find a variety of opportunities to tailor your stay according to your wishes. Discover your personal preferences in sports and nature and experience the breathtaking beauty of the South Tyrolean mountain landscape. Take advantage of our excellent sports facilities at the hotel and make the most of your time exploring new concepts in regeneration, nutrition, and sports. Moreover, let yourself be enchanted by the enticing delights of South Tyrol.

About the Sports Hotel

Revive – move consciously

Movement shapes our lives – not only in sports but also at home or in our jobs. Targeted exercises can help you discover a new sense of body awareness, alleviate existing discomfort, and enhance your everyday performance. Together, we will analyze your existing movement patterns and develop a customized activity plan that will lead you to greater well-being in your future daily life. To stay up-to-date with the latest research standards, we closely collaborate with performance physiologist and university lecturer Dr. Lutz Herdener.

Rest – sleep restfully

We offer various tools for optimal recovery and sleep.

After an active day, group training, or personal fitness session, you will have Theragun and fascia tools available directly in your room. You can also participate in our group training sessions focused on regeneration.

Anyone who has experienced a restless night knows how much sleep quality affects daily life. Try the TMX pillow and learn how this pillow can help improve your sleep and support your body during rest.

Refuel – enjoy mindfully

We often intuitively know what tastes good to us. However, what is beneficial for our bodies is not always so obvious. Join us on the journey towards mindful and healthy indulgence. Let yourself be convinced by our newly arranged breakfast buffet and try our snack dishes in the afternoon.

Our measurement method will help you understand your body and its requirements for a healthy diet better. In collaborative cooking workshops with our nutrition therapist, Lisa Tratter, you will learn how to transform this newfound knowledge into enjoyable moments of indulgence.


Check Ups & Cooking Workshops 2023

We offer an individual body analysis with professianol sport & fitness coach Kathrin Messner, including a follow-up session after your vacation. You can book these services through Pre Check-in prior to your arrival.

In addition, we provide group exercise and regeneration activities, as well as sauna infusions led by trainer and infusion master Lukas Mangger, to support your well-being.

Furthermore, we offer cooking workshops with nutrition therapist Lisa Tratter once a week. You can learn how to transform your diet into healthy and enjoyable meals.


  • Sport facilities and services
  • Nutrition workshops and recipes
  • Regeneration tools and wellness facilities

For a consciously active lifestyle with the birch:

The birch tree is the pioneering tree of our sports hotel! It symbolizes athletic vitality and an active life, and we want to pass on this spirit to you. However, it also requires mindfulness, as one can only surpass their limits when they know their natural boundaries.

UNIQUE: Sports, regeneration, and nutrition tailored specifically to you. Your comprehensive concept for sustainable well-being.


Nature, wood, and design. Feel right at home instantly. The rooms and apartments at the Sports Hotel Zoll are stylishly furnished and create a particularly cozy atmosphere with a variety of natural materials. The climate hotel construction also ensures pleasant warmth.

New in summer 2023: We welcome you to the new “revive” studios. In these studios, your vacation experience becomes an adventure in the realms of sports, regeneration, and nutrition.

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Culinary delights

We intuitively know what tastes good to us. However, what is beneficial for our bodies is not always so obvious. With our nutrition expert Lisa Tratter, we have created dishes for healthy indulgence.

In the morning, you can explore new breakfast dishes at our vital breakfast buffet. Through our targeted selection of products, you will find everything that is good for your body.

In the afternoon, we offer a small snack with various delicacies for your mindful lunch plate.

In the evening, our chef will spoil you with a lovingly prepared 4-course menu with vegetarian alternatives. The dinner includes mineral water at the table.


Rooms & Apartments:

  • Bathrobes, towels & slippers
  • Regeneration tools for the room
  • Special Pillows
  • Vital pension with breakfast buffet featuring creative dishes from our nutrition therapist
  • Afternoon snack “create your bowl”
  • 4-course dinner menu

With the apple tree for more restful nights:

Our philosophy at the Sports Hotel Zoll is inspired by the Celtic tree circle. For us, the apple tree symbolizes a promise to support each other. And since individuals often feel alone when dealing with sleep problems, we want to help our guests find a path together in this regard.

Experience sleep and nutrition actively during your vacation.

All services

Experience an active vacation amidst the South Tyrolean mountains, surrounded by nature and filled with fun and enjoyment. Our hotel offers a broad range of indoor activities and outdoor sports opportunities, regeneration tools, nutrition workshops, individual analyses, and provides you with new advice for your personal well-being during and after your vacation.

All Services

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Wellness & Pool

At the Sports Hotel Zoll, you can indulge in wellness throughout the year. Our heated indoor pool, with direct access to the heated outdoor pool, is perfect for water enthusiasts. With a water depth of 1.35m, it provides excellent conditions for enjoyable water gymnastics. The entire area is open daily from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. During their stay, guests receive a wellness bag with a bath towel and bathrobe.


1 FMS screening and individual analysis (only available for pre-booking) with customized exercises for movement and posture improvement.

1 BIA measurement with InBody (only available for pre-booking).

Group training sessions focusing on movement.

Group training sessions focusing on relaxation.

Hiking and biking in the beautiful nature of South Tyrol.

Swimming pool and sauna with a tea corner and sauna infusions.

Follow-up sessions after your stay (available upon request).

Discover the delightful indulgence with the walnut tree:

Nature that surrounds us nourishes us in so many ways. It also helps us recognize what truly benefits us. The walnut tree is a special source of inspiration for us at the Sports Hotel Zoll, which is why it accompanies you on your culinary journey during your vacation!

UNIQUE: Your personal check-up - tailored specifically to you!

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We are delighted to welcome you to the Sports Hotel Zoll.
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