GREEN for sustainability and well-beining & ACTIVE for movement and health

Our aim is to create a connection between green & active and therefore we want to join movement in the outdoors with a respectful handling in nature. We want to let you be an active part of our philosophy and to enjoy the well-beiing and healthy lifestyle.

We live in beetween lots of trees and kinds of trees and feel a strong relation to our forests. Trees were not only a necessary material for costruction and heating, but they donated medicine, food, safety, and refuge. In the Celtic tree circle 21 species of trees show this particular and close relationsship to nature.



at the sporthotel zoll 3 trees from the celtic will represent the philosophy 

the birch

Tree of light and energy

Birch-born people: Modest and easy-going, have the tendency to moralise others and share happiness This pioneer tree for the Sporthotel Zoll philosophy represents the topic of renewable energy. Natural heating systems, use of natural materials in construction and a strong focus on the reduction of heath loss or noise protection increase the level of well-being. A rested body has more energy to be in movement and enjoy an active everyday life.

walnut tree

Tree of live and new beginning, nutrition and performance

 Walnut tree-born people: Strong, have great ambitions and can pursue their goals with resistence. This people have a perfect sense for strategy. A natural and conscious nutrition is necessery to increasy efficiency and performance and to actively participate in life.

apple tree

Tree of love and social commitment 

 Apple tree-born people: people full of love and sentiments, they are insightful and helpful throughout life. The host family identifies the slogan green & active with social commitment. Projects for socially deprived people and a social interaction in our society, teamwork and cooperation are the basics for a pleasure-oriented and peaceful lifestyle.


Environmentally friendly for our own well-being.  A relaxed body is full of energy for activity and movement.


Natural and conscious for better result


Social projects for a better teamwork and happiness in the society

The birch at the Sporthotel Zoll


Certificate Klimahotel:
the hotel infrastructure is constructed respecting all guidelines from Klimahotel

Ebikes to rent for free for our guests

Hydroelectric power station

Wood chips plant to create a pleasant atmosphere

Electric car station



Sauna infusions bring the body circulation to work

Gym: Energy is released by doing activity

Clibing: A balanced body has energy for being active

E-bike and mountainbike rental for a day tour in the mountains

Movement in water – the best way to decrease pain and find new motivation – energy



The Walnut tree at the Sporthotel Zoll


Certificated products from the brand Sonnentor (tea)

Certificated local producer: baker, beekeper…

Milk and cheese products from the local dairy farm Sterzing – Vipiteno

Meat from our local producer “Wippland”

Yogurt from a certified farmer 



Herbs from our own garden

Fruits from our own garden

Homemade jams and marmelades

Homemade cakes

Schaukräutergarten für unsere Gäste



THe apple tree at the Sporthotel Zoll


Donation projects for a fundraising campaign to build a fountain in Africa

Tea and coffe cups made by the local society for disabled people

Sports equipment made by the local society for disabled people

Sponsoring for local clubs

Fundraising campaign for the “Red Noses” South Tyrol



Sportmuseum Sport museum in cooperation with local professional athletes

Book “Respect the environment” written by childrem from local schools

Cooperation with local sports clubs

Cooperation with the FISI Skeleton Nationalteam from Italy

For a pleasant relationship with our guests and friends: we plant trees together



at the Sporthotel Zoll

where sport and nature become an experience