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Fitness holidays in Italy – your fitness hotel

The hotel with fitness center and professional staff

On an area of 120 m² we offer a professional fitness center with the best training opportunities for recreational athletes and professionals. Endurance machines, weight machines, barbells and dumbbells, horizontal bars, TRX suspension training and many other training materials are available.

Our family member and instructor Kathrin gives advice on daily training and deals with individual problems such as endurance, muscle building, weight loss or pain.


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The gym is open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. The team supervises the fitness centre for several hours every day to answer your questions and concerns and to be a professional contact person. Access is free for hotel guests.

The prices for members can be found below on our website or you can also contact the reception at the Sporthotel Zoll. Call: 0472 765651.

our club subscriptions

Different subscriptions for individual needs

with training schedule

After the initial meeting (in person or by phone), in which you describe your wishes and goals, we will create your first schedule, which we will carry out with you in the studio once. You can watch all exercises with description, picture, and video on the app. You can then do the practice yourself using the app. One time a week you can participate in the functional training class for free.

entrance only

You train independently in the gym. 

group lessons

participate in the weekly lesson, have fun and get the tecnique to work out more efficiently

package deals

At the Sporthotel Zoll there are other club cards for sauna, swimming pool and climbing. Customers who buy an annual pass with several services will get the second and every additional annual pass with a 40% reduction.


Winter holidays

Wellness holidays

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